Forklift Hire Billingshurst

At Pallet Truck Services, we are delighted at the fact that we have been in business since 1983 but we are more proud of the positive impact we have had on so many firms in the South of England. We sell and lease to warehouses and manufacturing firms in this part of the country and we are proud to say that a great number of them come back to us on a regular basis.

We like to think that we can help every firm and we know that every firm is different. The right forklift service for your firm may be completely different from the one that is right for another so we will take the time to listen to your needs. No matter the size of your firm or what your industry is, we aim to meet your forklift needs with ease.

Forklift Billingshurst services make sense

Our full range of forklift Billingshurst services start with the leasing and selling of forklift trucks, stackers and hand pallet trucks but we offer so much more. We also provide a repair and maintenance service which means that if any problems arise in your machinery; get in touch with us and one of our trained mechanics will be on hand as quickly as possible. We carry a wide range of spare parts so you can rest assured we will do what we can to get your machinery back in working condition as soon as we can.

Our forklift hire Billingshurst services are competitively priced and we also provide free delivery for all of our products. We aim to offer a reliable service for all of our clients and our hire customers receive the same high standard of support and service as the customers that buy from us. At Pallet Truck Services we provide high customer service to everyone who calls on us.